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Heat saving tips

Fall is upon us and winter is coming fast! It’s time to get out the winter coats and fuzzy socks, and curl up under the blankets with some hot apple cider. Along with the temperature drops our heating bills go up, and to help combat those rising heat bills here are some tips:

  • Replace worn weather stripping around doorways
  • Adjust your door thresholds to seal out air leaks
  • Eliminate air leaks around electrical boxes
  • Plug holes in exterior walls with foam/insulation
  • Turn down the heat, and use a portable heater to spot heat the room you are in.
  • Cover leaky windows and unused doors with a plastic film to block drafts
  • Use a chimney balloon to eliminate heat loss up the chimney
  • Insulate your attic access door
  • Install a programmable thermostat

All of these are simple, effective and cheap ways to cut down on drafts in the winter and keep your house warmer for less! Visit your local hardware store to find everything you need, and they can give you even more tips on ways to save!