Preparing Your Home for Showings…and the Sale!

Seller Tips

First impressions are typically important to buyers. Play up your home’s best points and keep it tidy for last-minute showings. A small investment in time and money can give your home an advantage over competing homes in your neighborhood. Here are suggestions and a check list for preparing your home for showings and ultimately, the sale!

Curb Appeal

  • Keep curbside and driveway free of parked cars, if possible.
  • Cut lawns.
  • Trim hedges and shrubs.
  • Weed and edge gardens.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Clear drive and sidewalks of snow and leaves.
  • Repair and clean soffits, gutters, and spouts.
  • Clean out garage.
  • Touch up exterior paint.
  • Put out new doormat.

At the Front Door

  • Clean and tidy porch and foyer.
  • Make sure the door bell rings.
  • Check that door hardware is in good shape.
  • Is the air fresh?

Make it Roomy

  • Clear halls and stairs of clutter.
  • Store surplus furniture.
  • Clear kitchen counters and stove.
  • Make closets neat and tidy.
  • Consider holding a garage sale to clear out “used items” from garage and basement.

Cleanliness Counts

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms get close scrutiny.
  • Clean and freshen bathrooms.
  • Clean refrigerator, stove, and counters.
  • Clean washer, dryer, and laundry tubs.
  • Vacuum and clean flooring.

Well Maintained

  • Repair leaky faucets and toilets.
  • Clean furnace and replace filters.
  • Tighten door knobs and cupboard latches.
  • Repair cracked plaster.
  • Touch up chipped paint.
  • Clean and repair windows, screens, and storm doors.
  • Repair seals around tub and sinks.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs.
  • Oil squeaking doors.

Create Buying Mood

  • Turn on lots of lights and burn scented candles throughout the house.
  • Open curtains and blinds in the daytime.
  • Set the thermostat so it is cool or warm enough for a comfortable showing.
  • Light fireplace in the fall or winter.
  • Play quiet background music; no blaring TVs or radios.

Valuable Considerations

  • Keep jewelry and valuables out of sight or locked safely away during showings.
  • Take precautions to ensure property (such as collectibles, vases, figurines, mementos) is safely situated, or out of reach, or packed away so it can’t be accidentally broken.

Pet Alert

  • Consider best arrangements for pets, preferably taking them away from the home during showings.
  • Remove all pet odor if possible.