Heat saving tips

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Fall is upon us and winter is coming fast! It’s time to get out the winter coats and fuzzy socks, and curl up under the blankets with some hot apple cider. Along with the temperature drops our heating bills go up, and to help combat those rising heat bills here are some tips: Replace worn… Read more »

Auction Now—Not Later

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  Auction.  Seven Letters.  Often not given enough attention.  These seven letters may be the correct fit for a certain situation.  Your situation? You may ask, “Is an auction right for me?  How do I know?”  A large portion of that question can be answered by two other questions:  “What type of asset do you… Read more »

Selling During the Holidays

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  Holidays are a time of joy and family. As the colder weather draws closer so do we, and the smell of fall wafts through the air. We tidy our houses, decorate for the festivities, and prepare to reunite with family once again. Along with the fall and winter cheer, a few stigmas with the… Read more »

How To Choose a Realtor®

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How to Choose A Realtor

Possibly one of the more frequently asked questions when buying or selling a house/property is how to choose a Realtor®. You may be thinking “There are so many, how do I know which one to choose?”, “Who will do the best job for me?”, “How do I know they will be working in my best… Read more »

Realtor® vs Real Estate Agent

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Realtor vs Real Estate Agent

What is a Realtor®? Imagine this scenario. You are getting ready to devour a delicious ice cream sundae. There’s vanilla and chocolate ice cream, plus it’s loaded with all of the toppings—chocolate and caramel sauce, nuts, cherries, bananas, and whip cream. You scoop up the first spoonful and plunge it into your mouth. Ouch!! Your… Read more »